Increase production with 450-5000+ bath bombs per hour

Diversify your offering with a variety of mold sizes and shapes

Enjoy a Bath Bomb Machine Limited Lifetime Warranty

450+ per hour

Quick & Efficient Production

Perfect for small businesses or start ups

5000+ per hour

Enterprise-Level Bath Bomb Press

Large-scale multi-press for established businesses

Save time, earn more money with the most efficient bath bomb machine on the market

Most people waste too much time making their bath bombs. The technology built into our bath bomb press machines and molds makes bath bomb production faster and easier, earning you higher profits and growing your business.

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What you'll get here that no one else offers:

  • Unmatched safety with ANSI B11.1-1971 / OSHA 1910.217 Two-Hand, No-Tie-Down controls 
  • FDA approved Food-Grade mold material 
  • Production speed that is unmatched
  • Years of dependability with quality industrial components
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Success stories from DIY startups to enterprise level manufacturing companies:

"We have never been disappointed with our B-3 Bath Bomb machines. They perform beautifully, never let us down. We’ve owned these machines for several years. Safety for our employees is primary to us."

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“I have purchased several bath bomb machines from over the last 5 years. There is no way I could have scaled my business without the help of the machines."

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"We needed work horses to meet our bath bomb demands and I wanted simple so that I wouldn’t have to deal with fixing something complex. Clearly the best choice for a business. Simple, but powerful and fast!"

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"Without the B-3’s, we would never have been able to grow to our current size in less than a year. We ordered our first B-3 (and) loved the improvement in not only the quality, but also in the rate it runs."

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"This has been a great investment for my soap business. Thank you so much for making such an easy to use machine. It has saved so much time and has allowed me to make all sorts of bath bombs."

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