Getting started in the
bath bomb business

Bath bombs are fun, fizzy, bubbly, effervescent spheres that are made of compressed ingredients that slowly dissolve and fizz in a bath of warm water. They stimulate four of the fives human senses: sight, sound, smell and touch.

There are endless ingredient combinations and recipes. Some are simple and have a vanilla scent with one or two oils, like almond oil or jojoba oil. Others are more peppy with lime, lemongrass and tea tree essential oils. From rose scented pink bath bombs with rose petals to sassy strawberry, the possibilities are endless.

The Market

Bath Bombs are EXPLODING in popularity! Awareness of Bath Bombs has grown substantially in the last several years leading more and more people to use and enjoy bath bombs regularly. This growth in the market, and the endless ways to sell these days, makes this an exciting time! Whether you're starting out a new business selling bath bombs or want to add a profitable product line to your existing soap business, you've come to the right place. For Soap makers who do not yet offer bath bombs to their customers, consider this. When you sell a bar of soap, how long does that bar last before it is gone and the customer returns for another? One great thing about being in the bath bomb business is that they are a one-time product, with high margins that create increase repeat traffic and business in your store. Imagine seeing customers come back once or twice a week for product rather than once a month!

The Opportunity

What this means is that you can start a new bath bomb business (or super-charge your existing bath bomb, soap or candle business) and create beautiful and unique products that people are already looking for! Giving friends or family bath bombs as a gift is skyrocketing in popularity. And no wonder, who wouldn't love to receive the gift of serenity and pampering that bath bombs offer? Whether for themselves or for others, more and more people each day are buying bath bombs. Are you going to sell your bath bombs to them?

If you are thinking you don't have enough time for this, consider this. With our business package, a beginner can quickly learn to mold bath bombs at a rate of 200 per hour (with a helper, making over 450 bath bombs in an hour is possible). Some of our experienced Customers are making more than 750 bath bombs per hour with each of their B-3's — and they own several of them! If you spend one evening a week making 200 bath bombs and you gross $2.50 of profit per bath bomb sold, then you just earned $500.00. How does that sound? Is that worth your time?

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