Q. I'm not mechanically inclined, can I use this machine?

A. Yes. It is designed to be simple, consistent and reliable. It comes fully pre-assembled! To get it ready to use you do just two things. 

First connect the air hose from the compressor to the fitting on the molding machine. 

Second, plug in the compressor to an electrical outlet and turn on the compressor. You are now ready to start molding your ingredients into fresh new bath bombs! Also, machine purchasers receive a step by step video showing exactly how the machine works and adjustments you can make with it.  

See it in action here--see, not that complicated!

Q. Is it safe?

A. Let’s face it. You don’t want to be worrying about the safety of your workers! The B-3 Bomber is unique in that it has an industrial safety system. The industrial grade safety system doesn’t just pass air from one valve to the other, rather it measures the timing of both buttons being pushed. This ensures that the operator's hands are not in the way of the moving piston.  The B-3’s safety system cannot be fooled by lazy operator hoping to use only one hand on the machine by putting a clamp or tying open a valve—other bath bomb machines have this risky flaw as they have no protection from this scenario! Our built-in safety system is extremely important, and no other bath bomb machine can match it in performance and safety. Note: Only one person should operate/use/adjust the machine at a time.  Any adjustments made to the machine should be done with the air compressor line disconnected from the B-3. This ensures that the energy source, the compressed air, is isolated from the machine.

Q. Is there a warranty?

A. Yes, we offer a limited lifetime warranty for our B-3 Bomber Bath Bomb Machine!  This warranty covers manufacturing defects of the machine and is issued to the original purchaser.  See our warranty page for more details.

Q. Can you give a profit margin example?

A. Ingredient cost for 225 bath bombs (using suppliers listed in our Business Guide) would be about $85. That is about $0.38/each (buying in larger quantities can lower this cost). If you survey what bath bombs are priced in retail locations, you'll likely see a range of $3.00 to $8.00 per bath bomb. Typically, Lush is in the $4.95 and higher end range. At the 'lower' end of $3.00, the profit would be $2.62 per bath bomb, or $589.50 for 225 bath bombs. If you sold them, say at $4.95, the profit would be $4.57 per bath bomb, or $1,028.25 for 225. Now do you see why Lush is doing so well?

Now, of course, there are other costs to consider; packaging, marketing, shipping, labor (this is where our B-3 Bomber is fantastic — it is a huge labor and time saver), and other costs associated with running a business.

Most folks will earn back their investment into our Business System after selling their first 500 - 1000 bath bombs!

Q. What makes the Full Kit (USA only) great for starters?

A. This Bath Bomb Business System is just that — all the key items you need to begin making and selling bath bombs. The Business Guide, the B-3 Bomber bath fizzy press, the air compressor (in the FULL USA kit only), the key ingredients to make your first 200 bath bombs (in the FULL USA kit only), the accessory tools you'll need--it is a complete bath bomb making and bath bomb business package. You don't need to piece-meal it together. It's all there. Ready to go.

Q. Does the Business Guide include bath bomb recipes?

A. It sure does. There are different recipes included. However, if you search online, you'll find many different and creative recipes to try. Our recipes will get you going. Be creative and try other recipes and invent your own!

Q. How can you help me with sales? I don't know if I'm cut out to be a 'sales person'. What do I do?

A. You, or someone you know, must sell the awesome bath bombs you create in order to make money. No sales = no profit. But there is hope! We first suggest you read through the Marketing, Promotion, and Sales sections of the Bath Bomb Business Guide to get some great ideas to try. Pick one or two of the tips in there that sound doable to you and try those first. With time your confidence will build and once you see the money coming in, you'll realize that it pays to talk about your products with others.

Q. Can I do this myself?

A. Absolutely! One person can do this. Production is even faster with two people, but it is not necessary. With two people, one person can be mixing ingredients while the second is pressing the bath bombs.  Many of our customers have grown their businesses and now have several of our machines operated by several employees!  Not all our customers make bath bombs with these machines either.  Some make soap balls, some make fish bait (!) and there are probably other creative things being produced with the B-3 bomber!

Q. If I have someone who can help me, will that be beneficial?

A. Sure it will. With our work-flow plans (work-flow plans are included in the Business Guide for 1, 2, or 3 people) you can quickly assign different tasks to different people. The main difference is that with a 2nd or 3rd person, one person can keep the molding machine humming along constantly which increases the production rate. With two people working, production rates of 450 bath bombs per hour are possible.  In this, the machine will not be the limiting factor--keeping a steady flow of fresh bath bomb mix going to the machine operator will be the key. Some of our customers report achieving 750+ bath bombs per hour per machine—and they are running several B-3 Bomber Bath Bomb Machines at that pace! These fastest teams have three people—one mixing, one operating the B-3 Bath Bomb Machine and one unloading the bath bombs from the molds. Generally, they have 3 mold sets per machine so that loading/molding/unloading just one mold set doesn’t slow them down. This design intent for the B-3 is for it to be a production grade machine. Fast, simple and long lasting.

Q. I have a teenage/college age/adult child or relative that is having a hard time deciding 'what to do' with their lives career-wise. Could they do this?

A. Absolutely! Today's employment environment is a challenging one. Many young people don't fully know what they want to do and find typical jobs boring and with not enough room to grow their income, so they lack compelling reasons to excel. Welcome to the reality of pay-per-hour. This business opportunity does not pay an hourly rate. It pays for effort, creativity, and selling an enjoyable and relaxing product. If your son or daughter isn't too excited about their $15/hour job, you might consider involving them in your efforts starting a business--or have them start one of their own. Being given the 'keys' that could lead them to make real money for themselves could be life changing.

Q. What else besides the machine, molds and ingredients is needed?

A. An air compressor is required to run the machine. The compressed air is the energy source that makes the B-3 churn out those amazing bath bombs! Buy one through us by purchasing our Full Kit (USA only), use your own, or buy your own. They are common and affordable. We can recommend an air compressor for you. If you are outside of the USA, we can help you located the proper air compressor—we’ve done it many times!