The quest to make a fast, safe and durable bath bomb machine began in 2010 when the early B-3 Bomber was developed.  It has since been refined into the highly capable B-3 bath bomb press that you see today.  It uses an ever-expanding list of molds to create a wide range of beautiful bath bombs, shower steamers and shampoo bars.   

In 2019 we developed the B-49 Multi Press, allowing even higher levels of bath bomb production for companies to meet their growing demand.

The B-3 and B-49 have been absolute game changers for our customers – allowing them to make more bath bombs, with less labor cost and less time.  The value they each provide is tremendous.  We make efficient, safe, fast, easy to use bath bomb manufacturing equipment.  From the presses to the molds, they are designed with efficiency, safety, speed and ease of use in mind.

Our Team:

We have staff that helps with machine assembly, mold assembly, shipping, video work, and so much more.  We partner with local industry experts in their fields – machine shops, and specialty businesses known for their welding, metal laser cutting, and powder coating expertise.  By partnering with these experts, we can create functional and industrial grade bath bomb manufacturing equipment for your business.

custom fabricators and engineering

About our Founder, Jason Denham:  As a mechanical engineer, entrepreneur and tinkerer at heart, he loves to build, understand, and help others. He has seen and heard many stories from our customers over the years of remarkable growth in their businesses because of the bath bomb production capabilities of the B-3 Bomber and B-49, and it is always rewarding!  Helping people achieve their dreams is such an exciting thing to be a part of!

Jason and Family

Whether you need to save time while making 1,000 bath bombs per month or 2,000,000 a month—we have customers just like you who are using our B-3s and B-49s day-in and day-out to do just that.

It is our hope that your creativity combined with the speed and ease of the B-3 Bomber and B-49 will take your bath bomb production capabilities to the next level and beyond!  If you are looking for a bath bomb machine for sale, you are in the right place!

- Jason Denham and the Team!