"This is amazing! I This is my favorite machine and Jason gives us amazing service! So important when you have a deadline and you have a little problem with a much used machine. He's the BOMB!"

We have never been disappointed with our B-3 Bath Bomb machines. They perform beautifully, never let us down. We’ve owned these machines for several years and when we have a problem, Jason has responded immediately. We understand how valuable this is, because we have purchased another brand of bath bomb machine, the service has not been acceptable. We feel service is as valuable as the safety and efficiency of the machine. Our B-3 machines and service has always been more than expected. We’ve met deadlines that seemed impossible, the quality of our bath bombs is superior and we’ve never had an employee injury. Safety for our employees is primary to us. We wanted a machine that our people couldn’t get lazy and use one hand, putting the other hand at risk. This machine gives us the peace of mind that allows us to leave employees working without worry. Taking the quality of the bath bomb, reliability of the machines, safety and service, we would never again consider another machine!

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