Jul 27, 2018

If you are looking for a bath bomb machine for sale then you are in the right place!  See our quick product line overview video here, then there's more to read under the video.  

The development of the B-3 Bomber Bath Bomb Machine began in 2010. After various prototypes, our first machine sold to a customer in Russia. There are now several competitors offering bath bomb presses in the marketplace. In its class ($2,000 and under bath bomb machines) the B-3 is the fastest. The B-3 Bomber Bath Bomb Machine is also clearly the safest in this class and it costs a bit more than the others. There are more differences than that, but from the consumer standpoint, these are the three primary things to consider: speed, safety and price.

Before we go into the three main distinctions of our B-3 Bomber Bath Bomb Machine, let's quickly look at some other key features that you will receive:

  • A 60-day satisfaction return window
  • A limited lifetime warranty
  • A 5-minute B-3 introduction video
  • A detailed instruction manual with pictures, recipes, suppliers and process tips
  • Lighter than aluminum molds are designed for quick, easy use and low impact on the human body, reducing strain and tension.  They are warmer to the touch than aluminum as well.
  • Air pressure regulator with filter, water trap and pressure gauge
  • Satisfaction that you have the best—and the results to back that up
  • Designed, manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.


Our customers tend to be businesses that need to produce a certain amount of bath bombs while minimizing the time to do so. This is where our B-3 Bomber and mold systems shine. 450+ bath bombs per hour can be achieved with this machine.

Looking strictly at the machines, the B-3 is simply faster. A single press is all that is needed. Not two presses per bath bomb. Not three. Not holding the piston down for several seconds. Just a spit-second press. Next, our molds are designed to easily empty out the molded bath bomb. The bath bombs release easily. There is no ritual of tapping the sides to get the product out — it simply comes out, saving you time and wear and tear on your body.

Generally, in production, our B-3 is not the limiting factor in speed. We need to look at the workflow of making bath bombs to maximize the use of the B-3. To do this, we need a few things: 

  1. Having enough mixed ingredients available to the machine operator helps keep the machine pressing. An assistant measuring and mixing ingredients can be very helpful here.
  2. Having 3 sets of the same mold speeds the production up considerably as well. Filling three molds at once, running them through the machine, then removing the bath bombs turns the process into more of an assembly line process, and efficiencies are gained.
  3. If an assistant can remove the bath bombs from the molds, then the B-3 operator has more time to simply run molds through the machine and the production rate increases.


Our machine uses an industrial grade THNTD Safety Circuit (Two Hands, No Tie Down). What this means, is that your employee or family member cannot get lazy, and clamp or tie one of the safety air valves open. Virtually every other bath bath bomb machine $2,000 and under instead use only two in-line valves to pass air through the first valve then through the second valve to the piston. While this is cheaper, it is easily bypassed by the operator (by putting a clamp on it or tying it open), effectively turning their machine into a one-handed operated machine. This leaves the operator’s other hand free to potentially get into the way of the strong moving piston. Injury and liability to your business is not what you want. With our safety circuit, the easy-to-push buttons cannot be ‘cheated’ like the simple two valve system found on our competitors’ machines.

That brings up another important point--ergonomics and the long term safety of making bath bombs.  Our buttons require a very light touch to activate them.  They can be pushed by a single finger tip.  We have been told by our customers who moved to our B-3 Bath Bomb Machines after trying other machines, that their hands and wrists became so sore after using the hard to push buttons found on the other machines.  People move from hand molding to bath bomb machines in order to gain production speed and reduce body strain-- you don't need a machine that gives your body new kinds of strain by repeatedly pushing firm buttons or levers!  You'll be relaxed and comfortable with the easy-touch buttons on our B-3 Bomber press.

Do you see all of the green tubing on our machines? Don’t be intimidated! Its just part of the safety system we use to keep you and your employees safe!

This system on our B-3 Bomber Bath Bomb Machine provides your machine operator with a level of safety that none of our competitors offer. And it provides you, the business owner, with peace of mind that you don’t have the liability exposure that you would have with a press from another company.


Our B-3 bath bomb machine is the most expensive press in its class. To understand why, let's review the two key points above.

It is faster, earning you more money per hour than any other bath bomb press in its class. The design features built into the B-3 Bath Bomb Machine make it work better.  This earns you more money and it pays for itself sooner than even other lower cost units! There is tremendous value to your business by having a faster, easier to use bath bomb press that you don't have to worry about.  The longer you own a lesser machine, the more that machine costs you money due to limited production output and in higher labor costs.  You have to pay your employees (or yourself) more hourly wages to make less bath bombs to sell.  Over the course of each year, labor costs are often one of a business's key expenses.  Reduce labor cost and free up your time to do other important tasks by using a fast and efficient bath bomb machine for your bath bomb production.

The enhanced safety offered by our B-3 Bomber comes at a price. The safety system is an expensive component of the B-3. However, we don’t want to offer a machine to our customers without this level of protection.

In conclusion, we believe that we are offering a bath bomb production machine that is unmatched in its class. In fact, we have customers making more per hour with our B-3 Bomber Bath Bomb Machine than a much larger and more complex machine from a competitor that they charge over $8,000 for! Therein lies the value of our equipment.  That is what sets our machine apart, and that is why you need it.