"Great quality product that is constantly being improved upon. You know you will get your money's worth out of all of the presses and molds."

How have our B-3 Bath Bomb Machines and molds helped you reach your goals? “Serenity Grace started using a competitor’s press but could never hit the consistent quality that we were looking for, and the process time was significant. We ordered our first B-3 in June of last year with (3) 2.5” molds and (3) 3” molds. We loved the improvement in not only the quality, but also in the rate it runs. We decreased our process time by half. Since then, we have purchased an additional B-3, (3) more of the 3”, (9) more of the 2.5” molds, (6) of the egg molds, (6) heart molds, (6) of the 1.6” molds, (6) of the 2.5” dimples, (6) of the 1.2” and (6) of the cupcake molds. The reason for so many of the 2.5” molds, is it allows a team of 2 for each press to process 48 bath bombs in less than 8 minutes. This includes the press time, the unloading and loading of the mold by the press operator as well. We can make enough product in a days’ time to take care of all of our needs for any of our craft shows, along with maintaining our inventory at our 2 stores. Without the B-3’s, we would never have been able to grow to our current size in less than a year.

Let your income and creativity explode with the Bath Bomb Business package.

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