"My daughter and I turned out 350 bath bombs in about an hour, not a crack, not a break, no worts, just a perfect beautiful bath bomb!!?"

Let me tell ya about our experience. For this machine, I needed to adjust my formula just a tad. My old way of hand packing bath bombs left more air within the bomb, and so the amounts of shea butters and oils was perfect. The B-3 bomber really packs the ingredients together and makes a brilliant solid bath bomb, but the moisture just pushed the bath bomb apart. So, the second day I had the machine, I worked on a few very minor adjustments to the recipe.

OMG! My daughter and I turned out 350 bath bombs in about an hour, not a crack, not a break, no worts just a perfect beautiful bath bomb!!!

I am trying to decide what I love the most about our new bomber. It was soooo easy to use. The instructions were simple to understand. I gave them to my 13 year old son to read over for his reading assignment the day it arrived. So, when the air compressor came the next day he hooked everything up. Nathan has never been interested in making bath bombs, now, I am chasing away from the machine so MOM can have a shot at it. ;)

I love the safety features, because I have three children, one is 4 years old and has her little nose and hands in everything. So I so grateful this machine will not punch down with the press of one button.

I love the way the bath bombs look. It's just perfect!! The bombs made with the b-3 bomber are a bit smaller than the ones I made with the snow-baller, BUT, they are a heavier and much more solid feeling. My customers tried a few out this weekend at our local Market and just loved them, they won’t buy my other bombs now, SO looks like it's time for another out with the old and in with the new sale!! lol

The machine is perfect in every way, the molds are easy to clean, easy to use, easy to change out.

Another thing I noticed, the finished bath bombs last a lot longer than my old ones. The old bombs fizzed for about a minute, the new ones last about 10 minutes!!! Fantastic! It just can't get better!! or... can it?

I am still able to make my fancy bombs, but with more ease now! I've always added sprinkles, twinkles and trinkets to the bath bombs, but one of my favorites is the layered and striped ones. It was a very tedious task with the snow baller, they broke a lot during molding, and I ended up with my colors mixed and strange looking. With the B-3 bomber I am able to layer them and they look brilliant!!!

With the same recipe, I am able to turn out 30 bath bombs over 12 - 14 with old mold.

We displayed a few at Market Saturday for a sneak peek and I sold every last one, but came home with a full stock of the old bath bombs.

So, Jason sir, you are brilliant, and I thank you for your hard work and great effort in designing the most perfect bath bomb machine.

My intentions in buying this machine in the beginning was to help me increase production because we are selling more bath bombs than I could keep up with, BUT..... buying this wonderful machine has done more than what I planned on using it for. I am now manufacturing faster and more than even, but our bath bombs are NEW AND IMPROVED because they last longer, they look beautiful and the possibilities are just endless in design.


Miss Rachel

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