Jan 28, 2023

A B-3 press, also known as a bath bomb press, is a specialized piece of equipment that can be used to streamline the production process of making bath bombs. Here are a few reasons why a growing bath bomb making business should consider purchasing a B-3 press:

1.     Increased Efficiency: A B-3 press can significantly increase the speed and efficiency of the production process by providing a consistent, uniform shape to bath bombs, which can help to reduce waste and increase output.

2.            Cost-effective: By using a B-3 press, you can reduce the need for manual labor and increase production, which can ultimately lead to cost savings in the long run. 

3.            Quality Control: Using a B-3 press ensures that all bath bombs are of a consistent shape and size, which can improve the overall quality of the product and customer satisfaction.

4.            Versatility: The B-3 works with a wide variety of different molds for different shapes and sizes, which can allow you to create unique and diverse products.  Molds are available at BathBombMachine.com/catalog

5.            Safety:  Put your mind at ease that the B-3 press will protect you and your team from pinched fingers with its OSHA approved safety system. 

6.            Warranty:  Only the B-3 from BathBombMachine.com comes with a 60-day satisfaction return window and a lifetime limited warranty against defects.  So there is no risk!  Try it, you’ll like it!

B-3: https://www.bathbombmachine.com/catalog/product/b-3-bomber-bath-bomb-machine

B-3 and Business Package (for USA buyers): https://www.bathbombmachine.com/catalog/product/b-3-machine-business-package-for-usa-domestic-usa-50-states