Jul 27, 2018

If you sell soap, do you also sell bath bombs? If you don’t sell bath bombs you could be missing out on significant sales. If you want to increase your sales and profit, then this article is for you!

How long does an average bar of soap last your customer before they come back for another one? Three weeks? A month? Two months? That beautiful bar of soap has a long useful life, doesn’t it?

Bath bombs, on the other hand, are a one-use item! Fill up a tub, toss it in and the bath bomb is used completely in that one moment in time. But guess what? Customers come back again and again for bath bombs. Your potential to sell more product increases by 100%-400% if you sell bath bombs and your soap. This is the key in the bath bomb product line — a higher volume of sales due to more repeat sales.

Even if a customer only takes 4 baths with a bath bomb in a month, that is four bath bombs they purchased from you! In that same period of time, the same bar of soap they bought from you is still being used. Do you see it? In this example, they bought 4 bath bombs from you and one bar of soap.

If you sold that bar of soap for $5, that is $5 in sales for that customer for the month. If they bought those bath bombs for you for $5 each, that is $20 + $5 = $25 in sales for that customer for the month. That is a big difference between $5 and $25! And this is for only one customer, in only one month!

The fact that bath bombs can be sold at a premium price point and they are one-use items makes them a profitable product line that all soap makers should not be without! To ignore this is denying growth and sales to your company.

Here’s an analogy. Bath Bombs are like buying a latte. They are a treat or indulgence, and millions of people buy them regularly. Soap is beautiful, but because of the span of time over its useful life, it's like the oil in your car’s engine (please don’t take this as an insult - I’m trying to communicate a concept about use frequency a period of time). Once the car engine’s oil is changed, it can be used for 3,000 miles. Your customers are buying coffee (bath bombs) regularly, but are getting their vehicle’s oil changed (soap) every couple of months.

Let’s call this sales density. With soap, sales are spread out over time and are therefore less dense. With bath bombs, sales are more frequent, therefore more dense. The amazing thing is, with some practice, bath bombs can be made quickly and for less than you might think! How about $0.38 to $0.50 per bath bomb for ingredients? Compare that to the cost of ingredients for a bar of soap?

With our Bath Bomb Machines and molds, a high bath bomb production rate can be achieved. We say 450+ bath bombs per hours can be made with our B-3 Bomber Bath Bomb Machine. But some of our customers clearly surpass that number with production rates of 700+ per hour with one B-3 machine!

In addition, bath bombs and bath bomb gift sets are quickly becoming the ‘go-to’ gift option — birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, party gifts, Easter gifts, wedding gifts, anniversary gifts — the list goes on and on.

If you are a soap maker and are not selling bath bombs too, you might be missing out on more sales than you think!