450+ Bath
Bombs per

Saving you time immediately, our B-3 Bomber bath bomb making machine is ready to go. It's well designed, preassembled, easy to use, fast, and ready to use now. Use your saved time to create, innovate and grow your business!

It's smart for people interested in or already making bath bombs to be looking for the best way to use their time when making their products. Time is precious. But you need to be careful because practically every other bath bomb making device out there has significant and often unseen limitations. We want you to make an informed choice.

Hand moldsĀ - believe it or not, hand molding methods may be quite expensive, the molds can break easily, you need a lot of them to make a large amount of bath bombs, and it costs you a lot in - time. And how do your hands and arms feel after making a batch?

Leverage methodsĀ - still quite labor intensive, too slow and most designs are quite costly for what they offer.

Other presses - Our competitor's machines do not provide you or the machine operator the level of safety built in to our machine. Our air logic ciurciut ensures that the operators hands cannot be in the way of the moving parts during operation. Brand X & Y do not offer this industrial grade safety feature. Other machines are bolted together and are visibly flexing. Our is welded and strong.

Our proprietary B-3 Bomber was the first air powered bath bomb machine on the market--it is still the fastest and safest!


Sphere bath bombs will have 'Saturn Ring' this can be made thicker by adding more mixture to the mold. Two photos to the left are of 1.7" sphere. Two photos above are 2.5" sphere.

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